Petrol Forklifts & Gas Forklifts Range

JAC Forklifts offers a series of Petrol and LPG Gas forklifts.

Petrol Forklifts & LPG Forklifts Range:

  • Gas


    These forklifts are powered by Petrol and LPG or just LPG. LPG is a cleaning burning fuel, which means there is less wear and tear to the components like the spark plugs.
    This makes the LPG forklift trucks easier to maintain.In addition, unlike electric forklifts, LPG/Petrol forklifts require no recharging, thus saving on labor costs.
    Furthermore, our forklift trucks are available in various sizes, designs and load capacities, thus meeting different customers’ requirements.

    Petrol Forklifts & LPG Forklifts Range Applications:

    • Material Handling
    • Loading & Unloading cargo
    • Moving cargo in pallets in warehouse
    • Factory building
    • Storage yard
    • Airport
    • Sea port
    • Supermarkets

 Special orders 8-12 week lead time. Forklifts comes standard with 3m lift height, 2 stage, side shift, solid tyres with 1220mm fork

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