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Forklift Repairs and Maintenance


What You Need To Know

Forklifts play a pivotal role in the handling of material and various products throughout numerous businesses. Because they are constantly on the go, you need to make sure that they are serviced at regular intervals to ensure that your forklifts are operating at peak efficiency.

Regularly servicing your forklift contributes to safety of the machine in the workplace. A forklift that is unsafe to operate should immediately be removed from service, and forklift repairs should only be done by authorised personnel or a forklift repairs company.

Your forklift needs repairs and maintenance when:

  • The forklift is missing any bolts
  • Any joints or seams on the forklift are broken
  • There are pieces of rubber missing on the tyres
  • Any of the gauges are not functioning properly


So which one comes first: Time or Hours?

Your forklifts will need a service based on its time and usage intervals. Time intervals is usually measured in months and days. While the usage intervals are usually measured in pedal and key hours.

So what is the difference between pedal hours and key hours?

Pedal hours refers to the number of hours that the dead man’s switch or pedal is pressed in. The key hours usually refers to the number of hours that the forklifts key is switched to “on”. Electric Forklifts has a variety of hour meters, which can measure travel and motor hours.

Remember that if you or your company are using forklifts on a regular basis, you need a trained technician to have them looked at, at least every 90 days. Keep a list of items that needs to be inspected and maintained to ensure that everything is checked.

When you select a company to service your forklifts make sure they reputable. Our professionally trained technicians offer efficient and thorough forklift servicing for any type and size of JAC Forklifts.

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